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Spontaneous Giving in Chiang Mai

I was in Chiang Mai the first week of April when word reached my hosts (Kent, Po, and Linnea who run the "Sumalee's Garden/Sop Moei Weaving Arts Center" project) that on April 1, a fire had broken out in the small mountain village of Baan Mae Hong Klang in the Om Koi district of Chiang Mai. 23 houses were destroyed, the number of people left homeless was around 115. Everyone in the region was pitching in whatever they could, and clothes, food and items of daily use were quickly donated. But what was really needed, according to the headman of the district, was funds for bathrooms first - to maintain hygienic conditions - and for new homes. The government promises emergency relief of 20K THB (about $600) per destroyed home, but it is not provided anytime soon, nor is it a sure thing. YOGG donated 100,000 THB in emergency relief in Sumalee's name. If anyone else would like to help out these villagers, most of whom are already desperately poor and now face a rainy season without proper housing, please drop me a line and I will put you in touch with the right people.

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