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Dog Rescue Thailand

And now for something completely different: DOGS. Those of you who visited Sumalee in Bangkok probably remember the three (insanely obese) dogs who lived there...her housekeeper's "babies". My mother didn't actually like dogs all that much, but she was kind and tolerated/accepted them. One of the three Bangkok dogs, Solo, has a very interesting story which I will tell here and on the website when I finally have time to write more. For now, just a quick announcement: In my mother's spirit, and in her memory, some of the charity money will go to address the (HUGE) problem of street/wild dogs in Thailand. I have teamed up with Theresa Chi of Dog Rescue Thailand and we have a few neat projects lined up: The materials for five dog "pavilions" are being delivered today, construction starts tomorrow. The 3-day street dog spay/neuter campaign starts next week. I never thought I would ever be involved in a "weapons deal", but the tranquilizer gun is a necessity for the campaign. Pictures and more to follow.

We are going to build 5 of these pavilions for the dogs at the local shelter. See: Dog Rescue Thailand. Apparently, when dogs have their own little hiding/resting spaces, there is less tension and less barking = less friction with the neighbors. Also, it improves the quality of life of the dogs.

Some pictures of the shelter where Theresa Chi and her team house dogs that were dumped as puppies and/or are too sick to stay on the streets. They are kept clean and well fed, have plenty of space, receive medical care and are all spayed/neutered as soon as they are physically ready. All this is funded by kind-hearted people in the area, especially foreigners who spend a lot of time in Thailand and can't bear to see the suffering of the street dogs here.

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