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Camillian Center Water Project Finished

Great news from the "Garden of Eden" run by the Camillian Social Center Rayong. The 55 (young) adults with HIV living at Eden now have clean drinking water, courtesy of Sumalee smile emoticon They have waited ten years for this day - since the Garden was founded - and I'm happy to report that the residents drank their first glasses of clean, filtered water from the new system today! Thank you Juergen/Jimmy at the Camillian PCU for bringing my attention to this project and organizing it so swiftly and well!

The extended rainwater collection / filtration system at the Garden of Eden center for adults with HIV is finished smile emoticon Kudos to Jürgen/Jimmy of the Camillian Social Center Rayong for overseeing this project from its inception to the final...drop. Mom would be tickled pink I think.

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